Clayton Crain Signing

Visit us on August 24th between 12:00pm and 5:00pm to meet the legendary artist Clayton Crain! This is apart of Clayton Crain’s Comic Shops Road Tour for 2020.

Please read below for pricing and FAQ’s:

$5 Solid Color Ungraded Signature

$20 Infinity Ungraded Signature

$20 Solid Color Graded Signature

$35 Infinity Graded Signature

Remarks and Sketches only available if time allows. Pricing is TBD

$90 Solid Color Signature Modern Tier

$105 Infinity Signature Modern Tier

**No Custom Labels

**$10 Fee per book to file under your own CGC account

**All pressing requests should be notated and will invoice separately before CGC drop off


Will there be a limit on Road Tour Exclusives per person?

Yes, the Road tour exclusives will be strictly one per person per location. The amount available per store is very limited and is first come first serve.

Will you be able to crack a previously slabbed submission for signatures?

Unfortunately, not for in person signings. You may utilize the mail in submission option on

What is included with the CGC fees?

Pricing includes signatures, shipping, fast track, and invoicing fees plus hand delivery to CGC in Sarasota, Florida

Will there be sketches/remarks offered?

Sketches and remarks will only be offered if time allows. No pricing available prior to the event.

Is there a limit on the number of items signed?

There is not a signature limit. If you have 20+ items you maybe asked to prep your books at a seperate table for efficiency. Possibly asked to reenter the line. Signing will continue through the scheduled time for the event.

Why are there no custom labels offered for CGC Signature Series?

To provide the best most efficient services we have had to limit options in order to allow CGC Signature Series Services.

Can we add pressing services to our submissions?

Yes, invoices for these services will be sent at a later date and will require payment within 24 hours to be added.

How will the Signing be conducted?

Imagine it like you’re checking in at a restaurant or going to Space Mountain at Disneyland. Due to COVID we can’t have long lines or pack everyone inside, because of this we will be organizing the signing as follows…

Check in with a Staff member to claim your place in line. This must be done in person, phone calls will not reserve your space! The signing is at 12:00pm and the physical store opens at 10:30am. Anyone who lines up before our store officially opens, we ask that you line up starting at the front door and maintain 6 feet between you and the person in front of you. Once you check in with the Rockets staff member you’re free to leave and do whatever you like. Please keep in mind that one person can’t check in multiple people. If one person checks in then only that person will be able to enter later with no additional friends/family. After you’ve checked in you’ll be waiting for a call/text telling you when to return to the store. You have 15 minutes from your call/text to arrive at the store before your spot is gone. We ask for your patience and understanding while we organize ourselves. This is not how we usually run our events but we have to with COVID and the amount of response we’ve had. Thank you and we hope to see you here!

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