Throne of Eldraine

Prerelease Weekend

Dates: September 27 – 29th
Event Fee: $30 entry and 6 packs per player.
Prizes: 2 packs per player into the prize pool*

TC’s Rockets
5155 Waring Rd.
San Diego, CA 92120

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*We will pay out by record to anyone who is 2-1-1 or better.

Set Release date: October 4, 2019

Throne of Eldraine is a top-down designed set, inspired by the romantic Arthurian legend of Camelot on one hand and Grimms’ Fairy Tales on the other. Besides Grimm, the set covers a range of European fairy tales that come from a variety of sources. Mark Rosewater stated that he had been waiting 10 years to do a Grimm’s world, comparing it to the Lorwyn–Shadowmoor block that had erred in being too true to the source material rather than hitting the tropes that players knew.

Read more about the set here.

Video courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

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